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| Jinfeng Machienry | Invitation From Jinfeng —(Guangzhou)International Exhibition on Shoes and Leather Industry

The 29th (Guangzhou) International Exhibition on Shoes & Leather is going to be held from May 28th 2019 to May 31th 2019 in China Inport and Export Fair Complex Area B.

| Jinfeng Machinery | The 19th China (Wenling) Shoe Machinery, Shoe Material & Sewing Equipment Exhibition

Wenlin in Zhejiang province is known as Footwear City of China. Footwear industry in Wenlin has been growing rapidly in recent years. With more than 8000 footwear manufacturers in the region, Wenlin has won a reputation for housing most shoe companies, producing largest output and yielding highest profits in the trade. One out of ten shoes in the world is made in Wenlin. That is what people refer to when they talk about Wenlin.